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Peter Futchko

Managing Member

"Defender Care's dedicated team of Tech Professionals are highly skilled in solving any PC, Mac or Android issues that you may have. We strive to be honest and courteous with all our Members."

Customer Feedback

Thank you so very much for your help, you were just the perfect “Angel” I needed today, and I appreciate your time and effort on my behalf. As an 82 year old not tech person, I am at a loss in this world, using my computer for emails and my Real Estate business. I did as you advised right away after our conversation, again thank you! (and Bless You)."

Sincerely, Betty - Scottsdale, AZ

"Thanks you for getting back to me. Your company does have the best customer service I've ever encountered."

Warren Las Vegas, NV

"THANKS!!!!!!!!!! Defender Care was such a big help today. I could not have done this without you. You put the U in sUpport. I am a satisfied customer. I will recommend Defender Care to my friends."

Thanks, Marian - Baltimore, MD

"Ryan- So good to hear from you. I'm enjoying my computer so much more since you helped me. The complete scan worked brilliantly and all was good. Now I have it set back on balanced power and it was so simple. I'm so thankful you were the tech to help me and hope you stay with Defender Pro forever because this is the only company I'm ever going to get my virus protection from. I so enjoyed talking to you and you explained everything to me so I could understand it and that is a first for me!!! You made all the problems I had seem like a walk in the park to fix. It's just really awesome to know that there are people like you out there doing your job so well and taking care of your customers needs with humor, professionalism, and respect."

Your very satisfied customer, Diane - Manito, IL

"Yes, it has been resolved and thank you and Mia for the assistance. I will recommend your product to others."

Wayne Aisne, France

"Hi, Pablo. I'm so enjoying going to the Internet without being afraid of some virus."

Nancy Kodiak, AK

"Hello Darius,
Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, my issues were resolved. Although my service expired a month early, my friends at Defender Pro gave a me a good price to renew your service so renew we did. Thank you for all your help and especially your professionalism and courtesy. You certainly are a wonderful asset to your organization."

Sincerely, Richard - Altamonte Springs, FL