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Taking your computer to a Geek for repairs is a real hassle.

Trying to fix it yourself can make matters even worse!

With Defender Care there's no need to unplug your broken computer and leave it with a Geek for days. You can have it serviced right now at home, by a trusted Professional Technician who'll arrive at your home or office via the internet in minutes. Our remote control capabilities allow our experts to fix your computer right now under your supervision. Defender Care provides PC support from Microsoft Certified Technicians

Speed up your PC, Mac or Android

There's lots of things that can effect your device's performance. Junk files, outdated software and viruses can be a frustrating experience.

Trying to fix these and other issues should be left to professionals to diagnose and repair. Your Defender Care Technician will get to the bottom of your computer issues and restore it to its original glory.


Overcome Slow Start-Ups and Shut-Downs

There's nothing more irritating than a computer that takes forever to start up. It's often caused by too many unnecessary programs that launch at start up. We'll help you understand exactly what each program does so that you can decide which programs are really needed.

Remove Viruses, Spyware and Ransomware

Some viruses will cripple your computer, while others try to steal your personal info or hold your computer hostage with ransomware. Whatever the issue, Defender Care will remove all viruses and spyware and configure your security settings to keep you and your family safe.


Block Software Errors & Pop-Ups

When it comes to getting to the bottom of all your computer issues, nothing can replace the value of a professional. We'll clearly explain what went wrong and fix issues like:

  • Viruses, ransomware and spyware infections
  • Unwanted toolbars, plugins and popups
  • Slow internet connections
  • Conflicts and errors that slow down your PC or Mac
  • Outdated drivers
  • Blue-screen error messages

Service Your Accessories

Our experts can service any device that's attached to your computer. So rather than trying to update your computer's drivers or connect your scanner wirelessly, let Defender Care help in a matter of minutes.


Service iOS & Android Devices Big and Small

Defender Care can remotely fix anything that beeps, buzzes, flashes and connects to the internet. Let our Pro's adjust your mobile settings to your specific needs. IOS, Android, Apple, and Windows 10 service available.

Custom Tech Answers

Defender Care understands that every PC, Mac, Android or iOS device is your personal extension. We'll not only diagnose and fix all your issues, but we'll also make sure that your device is custom configured the way that you want it.